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Homework strategies: to desk or not to desk?

Here’s a question I get all the time: Should there be a desk in my child’s room for homework?

Answer: Maybe.

It absolutely depends on
a) your patterns
b) your spaces at home
c) your child and his/her age

If you find that you are all gravitating towards homework at the kitchen or dining room table and that a desk in the bedroom is either too cramped or just a crap collector zone, then you probably don’t need a desk. However, as your child gets older, they may prefer to do their homework in their bedroom so this is something you can keep assessing each year.


Wherever homework gets done, here are a few tips:

1. Set up a consistent homework friendly area: Space should be well-lit, comfortable and with supplies on hand. I highly recommend making it a regular spot so that kids get used to doing homework in the same space. And this spot may evolve over time. My kids used to do homework on the kitchen counter and now have gravitated toward the dining room table or a desk in their room.

2. Minimize distractions: It’s very true that we are often cooking or cleaning while the kids are doing homework (“how do you conjugate ‘ĂȘtre occupĂ©’ :). However, keeping distractions to a minimum is really important which includes TV, music, phone calls, etc.

3. Monitor and motivate: Again, it really depends on how much help your child may need with homework (and their age too), but I like to think of our role as both one of helping them make a plan and giving encouragement. And now that my son is in high school, I am having a tough time with 7th grade French grammar anyway! In addition, if they are doing homework on screens, it’s best to have them in a central area so you can keep on eye on everything. (Oh wait, I didn’t realize that your homework was to watch soccer youtube videos….)

But the main thing–as always–is to figure out what works best for your child(ren), for your family and for your home!

Where do your kids do their homework? And what are your homework strategies?

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