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Back-to-school = school lunches

#Backtoschool means having the creativity to think of WHAT to put in school lunches. Not my strong point. Sometimes I can’t think beyond the leftovers, bagel sandwiches and pasta triangle. Photos not mine (I would love these lunches for myself!) but from a very creative friend.


So here’s what I do to try to beat the lunchbox blues:

#1: Ask the kids! Not just what they want to eat (and having them come along to grocery shop can be useful…sometimes!) but also what their friends bring for lunches to get ideas. Sometimes I wish I could wear an invisibility cloak and spy on everyone’s lunches at school for inspiration.

#2: Put everyone to work! Similar to having them choose their snacks, kids can also help make their main meal. I know some parents who do this after dinner each night (during the washing dishes and cleaning up, they can supervise their kids making lunches).

#3: Meal planning! This one does help a lot. If we make the time on the weekend to figure out our schedule for the week (and do the shopping in advance), it makes a big difference for our dinners AND lunches. That way, I know I when we’ll do a hot meal (leftovers) and when we’ll go for sandwiches or salads or other combinations.

And when all else fails, I google: “what to put in school lunches when you don’t feel like putting anything in them”

What about you!? #backtoschool #school #lunches #ideas #cooking Photos by Vivian Doan Photography #thanksviv


  • Sara Ottoboni - I love point n.2…..Put everyone to work! I completely agree. As
    wife or mom, we have tendency to choose their snacks, kids and husband can also help make their main meal. right? Thank you for remembering this point.ReplyCancel

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