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Back-to-school: Lunchbox accessories

One more post about #backtoschool lunches and next week will focus on #backtoschool organizing strategies. Today’s question: what are your favorite accessories for lunch boxes?
Here are mine:
#1: SISTEMA plastics are my favorite tupperware for storing everything + anything in lunch boxes. Stackable, durable and BPA free, I especially like their colorful latches that snap easily. These are my go-to after trying out lots of brands and they come in a range of sizes and shapes. Made in New Zealand, but available at HomeSense in Canada (and Amazon.ca).

#2: Hydro Flask for thermoses. Again, we’ve gone through a lot of different brands (Thermos, Fuel, Aladdin) and I’m convinced the Hydro Flask is the best of them all. Super well-made, terrific insulation, great colors + design and they definitely keep food colder.hotter.longer.happier (their words!). The company also gives back 5% of their profitsYes, pricier than other thermoses but they have lasted longer for us and the warranty is solid. Order online at Hydro Flask or check out the stock at MEC.

#3: Water bottles. Don’t even get me started on how many water bottles we (ahem…they!) lose every year. For some reason, the thermos comes home and the water bottles don’t always make it. So I look for BPA-free ones on sale. Yes, hello Dollarama.
#4: Cloth napkins and cutlery. The school encourages Zéro Déchet which is terrific and one very easy way to contribute to this is to use cloth napkins and real cutlery in their lunches. I use older napkins and cutlery I find at yard sales. However, I do love these napkins from K-Style Design via Etsy.
I know I didn’t cover actual lunch boxes here (Cloth vs. plastic vs. bento vs. old-fashioned paper bags) but eager to hear what are your favorite products and containers for your kids’ lunch boxes!
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