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Decluttering in lieu of Christmas gifts…Day 1 » solve my space BLOG
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Decluttering in lieu of Christmas gifts…Day 1

What if instead of holiday gifts, you gave the gift of decluttering and organizing your home? So that you felt better every single time you walked in the door and you knew exactly where things were and where they belonged?  Wow, now that would be awesome!

A few weeks ago, I received an email from a young couple who asked if I would help them purge + organize their entire home as they wanted to give my services to each other instead of more gifts at Christmas.  Of course, I love this idea and was very happy they contacted me.

We had our first session this week and focused on the dining/living room as well as both of their office spaces.  Below you’ll find some before + afters of some of the areas.  Photos are definitely useful aids to show the progress made but what’s truly important is how people feel in their homes after an intervention.  So a follow-up email from my client that says “The pictures look great but being in the room feels even better!” is for me, a sign of a successful session.

Linnea and Simon before after books + games

Linnea + Simon small bookcase

Here’s part of the donation pile after the first session–the entire car ended up being filled as well as furniture that was left on the street for a lucky person to claim for free.  I’m looking forward to next week’s session where we tackle the bedroom and closets!

Linnea + Simon donations Day 1

And on top of it, both of them have already started working on their homework list, including starting to tackle the entryway to create more organization in their shoe + exercise area.  Here is the after photo of what they did by themselves after we discussed a plan together….I’m so proud of them course!  And the email that accompanied their photo:

“I’m so excited I couldn’t wait for the next session to share this with you, so I’m sending a picture. Look how much bigger the space looks without the yoga and exercise clutter!”

Linnea and Simon before after shoe

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