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3 dec: Life coaching from YOUR NOVEL LIFE » solve my space BLOG
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3 dec: Life coaching from YOUR NOVEL LIFE

Holidays can be emotional, challenging and definitely stressful, even with all the excitement and joy.  Today’s post is from Marieke Bosch Larose, a certified Martha Beck Life Coach.  Marieke started YOUR NOVEL LIFE to help people live their authentic selves and gain a deeper sense of clarity and focus to make positive life changes.  She always offers a free 30-minute clarity session to anyone considering coaching.  This month (and only this month!) she’s offering a 25% off discount if you book a package before January 1st. Why not give yourself or someone you love the beautiful and nourishing gift of self-care? I can’t think of a better way to start the new year!


Holiday Ho, Ho, Ho or No, No, No?!!!

As a Life Coach, I love teaching my clients specific skills and tools to help support them on their journeys to living with more JOY. So I wanted to share a couple of coaching tools to help YOU move forward into the holiday season with clear intentions about how to tap into the holiday spirit all season long!


The holidays can bring up A LOT of varied emotions for people…stress, joy, exhaustion, frustration, merriment, irritation, anxiety, and overload, to name a few! Throw in a couple of intoxicated relatives, rich foods that leave us feeling bloated and hyper-stimulated kids and, well…it can be a recipe for disaster! So what can you do to start off the holiday season with calm and excitement rather than dread? Know your END GAME*. Ask yourself the following questions and then write down your answers:

  1. What feeling(s) do I want to capture this holiday season?
  2. Which traditions do I honor that bring up this feeling(s) for me?
  3. Are there any new traditions that get me excited or elicit this feeling(s)?
  4. Which traditions do not support this feeling(s)?
  5. Who do I want to celebrate with?
  6. How do I want my home to look and feel during this holiday season?
  7. If I were brave enough, I would (I will)…

Once you’ve written down your answers, write out your End Game: the Who, What, Where, When, Why and How of your ideal holiday season. I also highly recommend you ask those closest to you to come up with their End Game too and see how they all fit (or don’t fit) together. It will clarify if your vision is congruent with those you love and give you insight into how to move forward if not.

Now that your End Game is clear, you can choose to support it by doing the following:

  • Honor the feeling state you named as you approach all your activities this holiday season by doing the next step;
  • Check in with yourself with each and every “have to”, “need to” and “should” that inevitably comes up with invites to parties, arts and crafts sales, dinners, gift-exchanges, traveling, office shin-digs, cookie baking, play dates, shopping for gifts, volunteer work, etc.
  • Does the activity elicit your feeling state? If not, don’t do it. Sound too simple? It’s really not. Honoring the feeling you want to have helps give you a touchstone to use when determining how to spend your precious time and energy in the whirlwind of the holiday season. It helps you live in alignment with YOUR vision for YOUR holiday season.
  • And last but not least, the best part is you will show up for your loved ones in a state closer to JOY then the angry, hurried, resentful, harried person none of us likes to be, especially during the holidays!


I hope you enjoyed learning about this little but powerful tool.  I invite you to use it in all aspects of your life. And I would love to hear about your experiences, so please share!

Would you like to learn more about yourself and tap into what you really want out of life?
Why not give yourself or someone you love the beautiful and nourishing gift of self-care to clear out the thoughts and feelings that are preventing you from living your best life! For the month of December, I am offering a special discount on all my coaching packages.

Book a package of 4, 6 or 8 sessions before January 1st and receive a 25% discount!
I always offer a Free Clarity session to anyone considering coaching. Let’s chat!
(Also, note that my rates will be increasing as of January 1st, so this really is a MAJOR deal.)

Please visit my website YOUR NOVEL LIFE and Facebook page to learn more about life coaching and me.

PEACE and LOVE, Marieke
*Adapted from Susan Hyatt, Master Coach, and Dr. Martha Beck

Images via praisemoves.com and selfcentr.com



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